Cherry wood Runes Set

Elder Futhark Rune Set – Hand Carved


Size: 40x10x23mm x 24 pieces

Material: cherry wood

For a while I was planning to carve an Elder Futhark Rune Set but never found the inspiration.

Lat week I started working on a piece picturing 2 ravens. It was so well received that I continued with the rest of the set.

The Elder Futhark Rune Set is hand carved in cherry wood, stained dark so all the elements will be visible and have a good contrast.

To finish the pieces, we applied lemon oil, which gives the wood a satin shimmer and makes them feel like velvet to the touch.

The runes have a good weight and size which makes them show their quality.

To finish a complete set takes around 5 days:

  • 2 days carving the pieces in the rough
  • 1 day to polish, work on details and apply sain and oil
  • 2 days for the oil to finish completely.

The Elder Futhark Rune Set comes in a light coloured textile bag, tied with a string for safe keeping.

Each and every rune from this set has been carved with intent and I believe you will appreciate all the effort that went into making them.

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