Freya pendant hand carved

Freya pendant hand carved in black ebony


Our custom design of Freya pendant hand carved in black ebony is truly unique.

It has all the elements from the Norse mythology, including one of Freya’s beloved cats.

The material used for this pendant is A++ grade black ebony used for musical instruments. Black ebony is resistant to scratch and water, making it the perfect material for a pendant. This is a dense wood, strong, with a beautiful color palette.

Furthermore, Freya is the wife of Odin. The one that has the first pick from the warriors fallen into battle for her Halls.

She the Norse goddess associated with beauty, fetility, war and love. She is truly a powerful deity that helps her followers succeed, as a result, along with her brother Freyr, she was the one that the old norsemen prayed to for a good year in battles or to have good crops.

In her travels Freya’s charriot is pulled by two cats, hence the necklace design.

Freya pendant hand carved in black ebony, or a necklace is designer by us, at Heathen.Market making it truly unique, for instance.

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