My opinion about The Helm of Awe AKA Helm of Terror


Helm of Awe and where it came from

So, this is just me throwing my two cents about the Helm of Awe or the Helm of Terror. A symbol of protection and also discord among Norse pagans.

I am a member of a lot of groups on Facebook and Reddit where people get into these long arguments about the Helm of Awe and it’s origins.

The fact is, this symbol appears for the first time in 1847 in the Huld manuscript and even then it was just a mention of it. IT’S A MODERN SYMBOL! *jaw drops*

This beautiful symbol, an Icelandic magic stave. Beautifully written and hardly ever pronounced correctly of anyone other than true Scandinavians, is a modern symbol. Yes it is modern.

The new trend of “vikings”, we will call them members of the “brosatru guild” use this tattoo to embellish their skin like their “Viking”ancestors did. Apparently no one comes from farmer Norsemen anymore, but whatever, I divagate.

Even tho it’s a modern symbol and has nothing to do with the true vikings, came around far later in history, it’s still a Norse symbol. A highly Christianised symbol, but still from a region where Norsemen lived.

Like any coulture “inappropriately touched” by Christianity, Norse used elements from their past and combined them with the new, giving birth to something like the Helm of Awe.

“You do you (…)”

In my opinion and just my opinion, you do you. If you like to use Ægishjálmur *blabbers* in a tattoo, use it! It’s your skin!

I personally like this symbol because of its symmetry. This might just be my OCD talking. It has power and I can feel it. I know this is all subjective and the old Norse didn’t have this symbol, but still…

In my opinion any symbol that someone decides to wear has power and meaning to the person wearing it.

In conclusion, whatever you decide to call it, the Helm of Awe or the Helm of Terror or even *clears throat* Ægishjálmur remember it’s a modern symbol that didn’t exist in the time of true vikings.

PS. If you thought this is weird, read the article about the Web of Wyrd symbol!


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