Witch Dragon Triskele carved in mahogany


The Triskele is an ancient symbol used around the world in different cultures.

This Triskele pendant was inspired by the The Snake-witch (Swedish: Ormhäxan), Snake-charmer (Swedish: Ormtjuserskan) or Smiss stone (Swedish: Smisstenen), a picture stone found at Smiss, När socken, Gotland, Sweden.

The dragon/snake heads are custom designed to match the original version but we applied a more modern touch to it.

The Snake/Dragon Triskele carved in mahogany, a beautiful pale wood. To make the design stand out, we painted and aged the whole pendant.

The results are amazing, as you can see. It’s a modern approach on a ages old design that makes a wonderful piece of jewellery filled with mystic power.

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